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'How to Train Any Animal, Anything!' 3-Part Course Series

Have you ever seen an animal perform an impressive behavior/’trick’ and wondered ‘how the heck did they train that!?’

Do you seek out step-by-step instructions of how to train certain behaviors you can’t seem to figure out on your own (or perhaps have never thought to try before)?

Does imposter syndrome stop you from experimenting in new areas or subsets of behavior/skills? How about transferring your existing skills to use with a new species?

Are you interested in gaining the knowledge, skills, and confidence(!) to be able to come up with your OWN unique approach to producing brand new behavior in animals?

Stop asking—and start answering!—‘how the heck did they train that?!’

‘How to Train Any Animal, Anything!’ sets out to deliver precisely ‘what it says on the tin;’ exploring what knowledge, skills, and considerations one needs to possess or know how to make in order to be able to ‘train any animal, anything!’

Who would benefit from this course series?

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