1-on-1 Virtual Coaching

Advocating for animals and the people who love them

1-on-1 virtual coaching for you and/or you with your animal. Aversive-free, R+ coaching for behavior production and troubleshooting.

This is your time to take advantage of. Get your animal training & behavior questions answered, and/or have a live virtual lesson being coached through an exercise with you & your animal. What topics/skills/exercise you would like to focus on can be sent ahead of your session along with video review (up to 2.5 minutes) so I know what to prepare.

Preparing for a live coaching session: Have your phone/computer camera set up to capture all areas of activity expected of you and your animal. If indoors or in a quiet/semi-enclosed outdoor spaces, the speakers & microphone on your phone may suffice. For other large/outdoor areas, or when planning on doing a lot of movement (e.g. during horseback riding), arrange to have wireless headphones to be able to hear instructor +/- an external mic to communicate away from the camera/stationary mic.

If you are new to working together with me:

90-minute getting-to-know-you-and-your-animal training & behavior needs analysis/initial lesson/consultation (includes pre-session questionnaire to provide details about you & your animal + written consultation summary with initial recommendations and overall training/behavior resolution plan)

For existing & approved professional clients:

45-minute lesson/live video coaching + written lesson summary with next steps/advancing criteria training plan

Contact me via email or book a FREE 20-minute meet & greet to ask any questions related this service.