Animals in Film/TV+

Promoting and facilitating REAL live animal representation on screen

Non-union freelance animal coordinator/trainer/wrangler.

All species, all behavior. Ethical, responsible, efficient, leading-role quality.

Local to the Ottawa and Montreal, Canada area. Worldwide availability for show call, theatre, and event hire.

If your question beings with 'Can you train X species to...?' The answer is yes, and fast (efficiently). To be performed reliably where & when you need it in front of the camera, so long as the following conditions apply:

Animal coordinator: Animal coordinators may work with the production team through all stages of development, pre-production, production, and post/distribution media handling & representation. They are responsible for communications with the production team to develop and/or solidify animal acting/role requirements, and overseeing it's execution during production. They may be involved in sourcing suitable animal actors and are responsible for ensuring the right fit regarding an animal actor's suitability to be trained and perform safely for the role, and with regards to their individual welfare. They may manage other animal trainers and/or wranglers in execution of these responsibilities.

Animal trainer: Animal trainers supply the training service of the animal actors for their specific role requirements.

Animal wrangler: Animal wranglers are responsible for the handling, management, and safety of animals animals on set.

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