Miranda Hebert Animal Training & Behavior

For the love of science through analytical curiosity into behavior, supporting animals' place in our world

Miranda Hebert is a freelance animal training & behavior technician, educator, consultant, and coach, based out of Greater Montreal, QC, Canada, specializing in multi-species animal training & severe behavior rehabiliation.

She offers training and handling of animals for their roles in the film/television industry, online education courses, 1-on-1 virtual coaching, and educational seminars/clinics.

She works with ALL species and all training goals, including dangerous/problematic behavior resolve (aggression, fear/panic/distress, etc).

Miranda is an expert in her field. She applies a holistic approach to welfare and aversive-free training (no behavior ever taught as motivated by force/fear/pain/discomfort). She strives to achieve sky-high standards of ethologically-informed foundations for each animal under her care.

She nurtures confident, independent, ‘thinking animals,’ who when given an abundance of options still choose to work cooperatively in partnership with their handler(s). These results are evident in her work.

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Created as part of The Buddy Project: Applied Behavior Science in Horse Training

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